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Company Information Company Registration No0035710 National Tax No. (NTN) 0787719-6 Sindh National Tax No. (SNTN)s0787719-6 Stuatory Auditor of Company Ernst & See more details
Company Profile Company Profile NBP Leasing Limited (NBPLL) formerly, NBP Capital Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Pakistan. It was incorpo See more details
Credit Rating Assigned by JCR–VIS CREDIT RATING COMPANY LIMITED Entity Rating Long Term A (Single A Plus )Short Term A-1 (A One) Description: A+ = Good credi See more details
Products and Services   NBPLL offers following wide range of services/Products to its valued clients. Fund Based Corporate Leasing - Machinery and Equipment. Auto See more details
Financial Highlights   ------ Rupees in Millions -----   December 31 As on 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 See more details